Top Rated Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

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Top Rated Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

50 Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes … Cook the thighs skin side down in a cast-iron skillet to render out the fat and make the skin as crisp and, dare we say, delicious as bacon. … Using the top pan …

We tried three lightweight cast-iron skillets, comparing them with our favorite traditional cast-iron skillet in several tests. All of the pans we tried were indeed lighter than a traditional cast-iron skilletbut that was pretty much their only advantage.

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes Looking for recipes that use a cast iron skillet? Allrecipes has more than 60 trusted cast iron skillet recipes complete with ratings, reviews and

I have a few other cast-iron pieces, but my Lodge 12-inch skillet is the one I use the most. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a starter cast iron pan, its the size I recommend, whether youre a single person or cooking for a family.

When you cook food in a cast iron pan, it can increase the iron content in the food, which can be a good thing, since iron is a required dietary mineral. However, if you cook acidic foods in cast iron, the food can acquire a metallic taste.

Our longtime favorite and best cast-iron skillet in the test kitchen has been the Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet ($33.31) for its low price, generous size, sturdiness, smooth factory pre-seasoning, and ability to get ripping hot.

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